Gausepohl Fleisch Deutschland GmbH has a long tradition in the meat business and is a privately owned company. 

Let us not only meet, but exceed your expectations – Experience our long-term experience in exportation and our very close connections to reliable partners all over the world.

Our sustainable corporate policy focusses on high quality standards: In combination with our flexibility being a family enterprise, it is most important to us to ensure customer satisfaction and a reliable partnership with all relevant business partners.

By processing our meat in-house, we ensure you all deliveries in continuous quantity and quality.

  • Our competencies: Slaughtering, Cutting, Processing, Trading.
  • Flexibility and continuous supply according your specified demand
  • Reliability and complete retraceability
  • Sourcing and trading of different kinds of  meat products (beef, veal and poultry)
  • Processing of standardized meat products (fresh, frozen, poly-block, vacuumed, packed as demanded)

We guarantee for quality and quantity

Our in-house production guarantees
delivery in constant quality
and quantity.